My stomach is trying to kill me.

Armstrong Valley Winery

Monday June 7th Halifax, Pennsylvania is in our sights for today’s adventure. Armstrong Valley Winery has plenty of good reviews and a lot of property. I am hoping the drone will get some flight time and we can start capturing the beauty of the drip. Unfortunately I can tell the diverticulitis monster has returned by the afternoon so lunch at McDonalds will be my last solid food for the next two days.

Cicadas are everywhere as we move from Virginia, through West Virginia into Pennsylvania. The planned 5 hour drive, becomes 8 with extra stops, increasing discomfort, and complaints from the Jodester. We arrive to darkening clouds and a large parking area with hookups. So excited. It’s the 2nd day in a row over 90 degrees so we are stoked for the thought of a nice air conditioned night.

Cicada Central

We are both burned from the stress of the past couple days. As quickly as we can we get Bigfoot settled and we head to the Vineyards bar and tables to reduce the tension. It works. We get a couple flights and finish it up by splitting a glass of Blueberry Merlot. My stomach does not feel better, but Jodee is beginning to have fun. The bartender is fantastic and friendly. Her conservative beliefs stop another patron from leaving. The customer begins to share an alternative way to view the world, spitting out each word with slightly more enthusiasm than the last. As she leaves two mothers arrive, pregaming for their sons afternoon baseball game. Everyone exchanges pleasantries. Soon after, we leave, and turn in to watch a bit of local tv. Stomach not feeling better, praying it feels better in the morning.

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