Family Time and Lake Compounce

Wednesday June 9th We sleep in and I’m feeling a bit better. It’s a beautiful morning and we decide to take a walk around the pond before checking out the store. It’s a short walk. We find another larger pond across the street with a few kayaks and a row boat, but the best is yet to come. As we pass the pond there is a large fenced area with 3 goats and a “goat house”. They are excited to see us, but probably not as excited as we are to see them. Videos are taken, conversations are had, and for a moment all is right with the world.

Next stop is the farm store. The building has 6 doors, but somehow we are only supposed to use the one that is furthest from us. I quickly recover from this emotional setback to be confronted by another. Everything looks delicious. They have pies, veggies, jams, and fruit. None of which I will be able to eat. I am sad, while Jodee excitedly moves from station to station, lauding the delicious appearance of every item. We buy some donuts, a couple tomatoes, cookies and a couple cups of coffee. Yes we do have a coffee maker, but this morning our generator has decided to play hooky again, so we are on our own.

Lake Compounce is only an hour away and we will be settling in for 5 days. I’m looking forward to catching our breath and seeing friends and family. The last few days have felt a little overwhelming and chilling out is my top priority.

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