The CT Home Stretch

Pond at March Farms

Tuesday June 8 Today is going to be a difficult day. I am totally uncomfortable as my stomach has decided to be in full revolt. Yoga is on the menu before we head out and I’m doing it no matter how crappy I feel. It will only be 20 minutes, but there will be YOGA! It starts the day with the right mental vibe, but the battle with my stomach will continue and I will not be the winner today.

Before we hit the road we must capture a few pics and videos of this incredible property. We take our time, but I haven’t charged the drone batteries since we used them last so we only capture 2/3rds of what we would have liked.

Armstrong Valley Winery

We head out after tidying up a bit. It won’t be a long drive, but I feel every mile. Fortunately I can schedule a video call with a Dr who might be able to prescribe some antibiotics. Around 2 in the afternoon my appointment time comes. A very nice Dr asks me a few questions and prescribes an antibiotic I haven’t used before. Which is exciting as the ones I normally use cause serious stomach discomfort after 4 or 5 days of use. When I tell her a Walgreens address in CT she quickly informs me she is not allowed to put in a script out of state. Thankfully Walgreens has no issues transferring my prescription out of state so after a couple calls we can pick up my meds in CT.

March Farms in Bethlehem, CT is our destination. They have a store, a playground a pond that we can park at for the night. I can’t wait to get there. We arrive around 5pm and I just want to sleep. There is another couple at the pond when we arrive. Tom and Mary retired in March of 2020. Literally began full timing right before the world shut down. Their first stop in Texas became their home base for the next year. Amazing how our best plans don’t give us the control we seek. Our choices aren’t the only inputs to life’s outcomes. They were super nice. They recommended a couple items at the store. We go to bed early with my fingers crossed hoping tomorrow will be better.

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