Family and Hotspots

Final Day at Lake Compounce

Sunday June 13th Our last full day in CT before we head out to Maine. We need to pick up a hotspot before we leave CT. Hotspots on our phone aren’t cutting it and the WiFi at the RV parks are not secure and relatively terrible. We hit the Verizon in Southington where they say they don’t have any 5G hotspots in stock. Fortunately our sales rep is wrong as the manager digs through a drawer, finding their “last” one. We happily upgrade our services and activate the new hotspot.

Kim and Krzysztof invited us over to their place to hang out. They are always the best hosts. As usual they had a ridiculous spread of steak, chicken, sausage and every salad and snack that you can think of. Jakub and I play some killer two handed frisbee. For those of you without experience with two handed frisbee, it’s where you throw frisbees back and forth using both your left and right hands so as to overwhelm your adversary while showing your athletic skills (haha). It’s a perfect way to end our visit, Relaxing and enjoying everyone’s company.

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