Mystic with Anna and Matt, aka Kevin and his ABC’s.

Great Day!

Saturday June 12th I wake up a little early and do 30 minutes of yoga, congratulating myself on the back to back effort, before helping Jodee tidy up a little. I leave about 10:30 am to meet Anna and Matt in Mystic, CT. It’s been a while since I’ve been there and I have hopes of lobster and catching up with Matt and Anna. The morning combines cloudy sky’s with questionable warmth and high humidity. I wear shorts and bring a hoody to cover my bases. It’s a quick ride while parking is anything but fast. After 10 minutes of exploring I find a place and give them a call. Fortunately they are right behind me and we head off in search of of lobster rolls.

Anna and Matt looks great. It’s wonderful to see them both. Matt has done some pre-work on lunch so we begin our hike to Red 36. Highly rated and on the water are the right combination for this post-mask pandemic experience. They are slammed when we arrive. Connecticut has definitely moved on from social distancing. We can barely navigate people and chairs as we are brought to our table. Anna and I order lobster rolls and Matt orders a fish sandwich, the nature of which I can’t recall. Lunch is delicious. It is the first solid food I’ve had in 5 days so I am both very happy and fearful of intestinal retribution. The conversation is even better. I quickly reflect on the missed opportunities of the past, but quickly shift to appreciation of the moment. The conversation is great, they are happy, life isn’t perfect, but that’s ok.

We spend the rest of the afternoon visiting shops, eating chocolate, and relaxing at a local brewery. The shorts paid off as the day ended up being warm and quite humid. Mystic was a fun location to visit, but the location mattered much less than the people I was lucky to spend the day with. It was around 5 o’clock that the beers were emptied and close enough to dinner time for us to visit Mystic Pizza before we went our separate ways. There was no wait, but they were busy. We went deep into google to learn all the trivia we could while waiting for the pizza to arrive. The place is littered with memorabilia from the movie and it felt like more of a tourist stop than a place to eat pizza. The pizza arrived with little fanfare. It tasted ok. I wondered if some magic had been lost in the 25 or so years since a writer had visited and been so moved by this pizzeria that they were compelled to use it as a backdrop for their movie. We did not finish the pizza, but did stop for a postcard on the way out. We said our goodbyes, took a final couple pictures, and headed back to our cars.

Maybe it was the second beer, or just the nostalgia of being in CT, but I felt so grateful for Kevin Indudi I had to see him before we left and thank him for being such a good friend over the years. The timing was perfect. By the time he got off work I would be in Manchester and we could meet up at ABC, like we had so many times in the past. It was great to see him. Our conversation covered the usual topics. What was going on now, how is his mom, work and the necessary trip down memory lane. We shared a pretzel and some drinks before I left to pickup Jodee from Tammy’s 50th birthday party. What a great day. I love great days.

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