Grilling with Family at Lake Compounce

Thursday and Friday June 10th and 11th are recovery days for me. Jodee is spending some time with Marcy, Ashlee and Kim while I rest and recuperate at Lake Compounce. I have an opportunity do so some yoga, but most of the time is spent just relaxing and starting to eat again! YAY!

Friday night we have everyone over for dinner. Krzysztof kindly cooks almost everything as I have no grill experience with charcoal. Kim and Jodee do some shopping and put together a delicious bbq. We thought it would be fun and more affordable to have a charcoal grill. This night proves that is not the case and by the end of the night the grill is in the garbage and I’m sure we will now be buying another grill shortly. In spite of the joys of charcoal dinner is delicious. I eat some soup with hope that tomorrow will bring solid food.

It was a fun night to see everyone and relax. I am really looking forward to seeing Anna and Matt tomorrow in Mystic. I haven’t seen her since Christmas and I know we are going to have a great time. The night ends relatively early and I am feeling so much better.

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