Bar Harbor Campground

Crossing from New Hampshire to Maine.

Tuesday June 15th We wake up early, and I quickly realize it is time to put solid food on hold. We can’t wait to get to Maine, but I want to make sure we get some pics of the animals before we take off. Jodee cleans up while I head over to the fence that separates the house from the alpacas and chickens. The rooster is excited, screaming while the alpacas look on with disinterest.  I grab some shots and head back to help Jodee pack things up and get on our way. Today’s destination is Bar Harbor Campground. It is a family-owned campground that is first-come, first-serve. We have no idea how many spots will be available, so I call to confirm that there will be something available. There are plenty open, so we continue with our plan.

The trip takes longer than planned due to bathroom breaks required by the massive amounts of water I am consuming in my attempt to avoid a trip to the doctor. We arrive around 2 pm and check-in at the small office that functions as a welcome center and small shop. They are very friendly and informative. They give us a site map and make recommendations on where we might like to stay.

Now it’s time to drive around and pick an open spot. Bar Harbor Campground is quite large with 300 RV/tent locations, and there are even locations with ocean views. We take our time driving around. My goal is to avoid backing in, so our first stop is the pull-throughs. These sites have very little privacy and are the furthest from the water. We continue our adventure by checking out each campsite as we get closer to the harbor. Every water facing location is full, but we have identified a site with privacy and a short walk to the amazing harbor views.

Somewhat successfully backing in for the first time.

The moment of truth has arrived. The time has come for me to back Bigfoot into his temporary home. I take it slow as Jodee yells at me to change direction followed by silence and then more yelling. I am clearly not experienced at backing in or effectively communicating with my wife under pressure. After a few minutes of nervous backing up, straightening and yelling I am close enough to straight that I feel like celebrating. We disconnect and attempt to level. We are unable to get completely level so we compromise, and finish setting up.

Once we are settled in it’s time to check out the views and find out where everything is located. This place is Amazing. We take some pictures, cruise by the pool and identify the laundromat. It hasn’t been a long day, but I’m pooped. We settle in for the night. Jodee cooks up some chicken while I eat some soup. Lupin continues and we go to bed.

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