Bar Harbor

Wednesday June 16th We decided it would be a good day to check out Bar Harbor and get our National Park pass. My stomach is doing better, but I’m still not completely out of the woods. A nice relaxing day is just what the doctor ordered. I start the day out slowly with yoga and meditation. We tidy up a bit and head out to Bar Harbor to see what there is to see.

Catholic Church

It’s a beautiful day with highs in the low 70’s. We are only a few miles from the town so it takes longer to find parking than it did to get there. We are surprised by the number of travelers that are already there. Most hotels, inns, and B&B’s are proudly hanging their no vacancy signs. We see a public parking sign and take a very narrow two-way street about a quarter of a mile until it turns into a one-way street with stone pillars on each side. As we pass through the pylons we realize this parking lot is on the water. It’s unbelievably beautiful. We find an open spot, pay, and head for the beach.

Seaweed flow

The beach is rocky and it being low tide we can reach some of the larger rocks far away from the shoreline. We spend our time taking pictures and reading the informative signs placed throughout this trail/park area. After 45 minutes of exploring we decide to head into town.

The town is exactly what you would expect from an established tourist destination. Specialty ice cream and coffee shops are on every street. We are thirsty, so we grab iced latte’s and continue our tour. There are a ton of stores so we pick a few where she finds a moose mug at our first stop. It immediately reminds her of her mom, so we buy it and a couple of postcards.

Back out on the street, we notice a couple of shops with sea kayak tours. The first location requires masks to enter, and we came unprepared, so we move on to option two. We approach the desk and ask what they have available. She tells us there is only one spot left for the next two weeks. We quickly make eye contact and I tell her that we will take it!

Chipmunk fun

Our final stop for the day will be the Acadia National Park welcome center. It’s not far, and we need to purchase a park pass for the hiking and biking we plan on doing over the next week. There is no one in line when we arrive so the purchase takes about two minutes. He is very friendly and explains what we need to do if we want to see Cadillac mountain. We catch a chipmunk running around on our way out, and it makes my day. Now it’s time to head back to the campground and allow me to recover for the rest of the day.

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