Bar Harbor Campground

Tuesday June 15th We wake up early, and I quickly realize it is time to put solid food on hold. We can’t wait to get to Maine, but I want to make sure we get some pics of the animals before we take off. Jodee cleans up while I head over to the fence thatContinue reading “Bar Harbor Campground”

On the Road Again

Monday June 14th We are on the road again! We have decided to visit Maine while we are so close. I turn on the hotspot to test it before we leave. It doesn’t work, and the next hour and a half is consumed by Verizon online and phone reps inability to get it running. WeContinue reading “On the Road Again”

Family and Hotspots

Sunday June 13th Our last full day in CT before we head out to Maine. We need to pick up a hotspot before we leave CT. Hotspots on our phone aren’t cutting it and the WiFi at the RV parks are not secure and relatively terrible. We hit the Verizon in Southington where they sayContinue reading “Family and Hotspots”

Mystic with Anna and Matt, aka Kevin and his ABC’s.

Saturday June 12th I wake up a little early and do 30 minutes of yoga, congratulating myself on the back to back effort, before helping Jodee tidy up a little. I leave about 10:30 am to meet Anna and Matt in Mystic, CT. It’s been a while since I’ve been there and I have hopesContinue reading “Mystic with Anna and Matt, aka Kevin and his ABC’s.”

Family Time and Lake Compounce

Wednesday June 9th We sleep in and I’m feeling a bit better. It’s a beautiful morning and we decide to take a walk around the pond before checking out the store. It’s a short walk. We find another larger pond across the street with a few kayaks and a row boat, but the best isContinue reading “Family Time and Lake Compounce”

My stomach is trying to kill me.

Monday June 7th Halifax, Pennsylvania is in our sights for today’s adventure. Armstrong Valley Winery has plenty of good reviews and a lot of property. I am hoping the drone will get some flight time and we can start capturing the beauty of the drip. Unfortunately I can tell the diverticulitis monster has returned byContinue reading “My stomach is trying to kill me.”

The Bigfoot Adventure Begins

Sunday June 6th 5:06pm we left from Loftis Mini Storage. Months of goodbyes, a rollercoaster of emotions was now officially in the rear view mirror. I’m still surprised that we haven’t secured one specific destination, but we are on the open road, heading north. We are both exhausted from the fun and moving that hasContinue reading “The Bigfoot Adventure Begins”