Family Time and Lake Compounce

Wednesday June 9th We sleep in and I’m feeling a bit better. It’s a beautiful morning and we decide to take a walk around the pond before checking out the store. It’s a short walk. We find another larger pond across the street with a few kayaks and a row boat, but the best isContinue reading “Family Time and Lake Compounce”

The Bigfoot Adventure Begins

Sunday June 6th 5:06pm we left from Loftis Mini Storage. Months of goodbyes, a rollercoaster of emotions was now officially in the rear view mirror. I’m still surprised that we haven’t secured one specific destination, but we are on the open road, heading north. We are both exhausted from the fun and moving that hasContinue reading “The Bigfoot Adventure Begins”

The Philosophy of the Journey

I wanted to find a space where I could share my personal journey, and connect with others on theirs. I’ve always felt compelled to share my latest epiphany and view of the world. There is no greater joy that I’ve experienced than to see someone benefit in their life from a new perspective or approachContinue reading “The Philosophy of the Journey”